Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No go

Not pregnant, even though I really thought I was. I'm bummed.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Waiting on 2 Counts

Since I was too lazy to write a thorough post the other day, I thought I'd come back and post a new entry so you all understand what's on the minds of DH and I. You see, we're waiting to see how this cycle goes on a couple of counts:

1. Are we pregnant?
2. If pregnant, is it 1 or 2?

You see, we transferred two embryos on the advice of our RE. This has us a bit nervous because the thought of twins is a little scary and overwhelming. Don't get me wrong - we would be happy with either 1 or 2, and will take whatever God gives. But at the same time, I'd be lying if I said my head didn't spin a bit at the thought of twins!

We should know the answer to question #1 on Tuesday, and question #2 at the 6/8 week ultrasound. Otherwise, they did have 1 embryo that they were able to freeze, so if this cycle doesn't pan out then we'll have 1 more shot! Stay tuned...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Transfer Complete

The transfer didn't happen on Saturday, but occurred today instead. Other than being uncomfortable from having a full bladder, it was easy-peasy. We decided to transfer two embryos based on how they'd been graded, and now we'll just wait and see! My back is killing me, so this is going to be a short post so I can go lie down. I've also been having trouble sleeping; feels just like when I was at the end of my pregnancy and couldn't sleep - except I'm not even pregnant yet! I wonder if it's a side-effect of the progesterone and other assorted drugs (endometrum or something like that) they have me taking. Anybody know?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Easter Egg Hunt was a Success

The egg retrieval was yesterday, and it went really well. I was most nervous about the stinkin' IV, because I had a horrible experience with seasoned nurses not catching a vein prior to my c-section. They all shook their heads in confusion and tried to reassure me by saying "this has never happened to me...I can always hit a vein..." Needless to say, this didn't help the fact that they were poking me repeatedly in both arms, doing the fish-around with the needle (I HATE that), and still not having success. My arms were bruised for weeks.

Anyway, my RE happens to use this cool pre-numbing agent and I didn't even feel the needle go in. I was so excited about that! Once I got into the OR, I passed out almost immediately. Them's was some good drugs they gave me. Next thing I knew, I was back in the recovery room and not remembering a darn thing anyone was saying to me (hubby was pretty amused with this). The anesthesiologist (not sure if I spelled that right but too lazy to look it up) came in and told me things went well, they got all 8 follicles...I nodded and asked him how things went and how many eggs did they get? :)

I got a call this morning, and 7 were fertilized! So things are looking good and we're tentatively planning for a Day 3 transfer (Saturday).

I must say I am shocked at how many people have commented on my last post - it is so nice to see all my old friends! I still need to catch up with everyone to see how you're all doing, so please give me a few days to check in with all of you.

In the meantime, happy Thursday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

TTC - Round 2

Well, we're going for baby #2, except this time we're doing IVF. I only had 1 via of donor sperm left, and of course the donor is no longer active. So to have a higher chance of conceiving a true sibling for my girl, we decided that IVF was the way to go. I've been stimming at morning and at night, and am on the schedule for the egg retrieval this Wednesday. I have 8 follicles, and we're tentatively targeting Saturday for the eggs to be transferred back.

I hope everyone is doing well!!! Would love updates on how you've all been!