Thursday, June 07, 2007

Diagnosis: Placenta Previa

Well, I had another ultrasound yesterday (27 weeks), and my placenta is still covering the ole cervix. This means I am still officially diagnosed with placenta previa, and my doctor has put me on stricter orders than when we found it at 20 weeks. I'm on complete "pelvic rest", which means no sex, no vaginal exams, no exercise (not even walking around the neighborhood), no heavy lifting, or any other activity that is even remotely strenuous. Although I am not on bed rest, my ob has instructed me to work exclusively from home, which I cleared with my management yesterday.

During this extended period at home, I may get into blogging again just to keep me busy aside from the work stuff. I fear I may go stir crazy, but I know that I'm lucky to not be confined to a bed at this point.

So I need to watch out for bleeding, as the placenta could prematurely separate from the uterine lining as the cervix begins to dilate/thin. If it's just spotting, I can call the ob and go from there. But if it's heavier (like a period) then I am to go immediately to the hospital's birthing center and potentially have baby delivered early. And if the placenta has not moved by the next ultrasound (at 34 weeks), then I will have a scheduled c-section. At first I was disappointed about not having a vaginal delivery, but I actually had a dream the other night that I went into labor, and nothing was progressing with a vaginal delivery - so I started hoping for a c-section and was thrilled when the ob decided to go that route! So perhaps a prelude of things to come...

How am I taking this diagnosis? In stride, I think. When I first got diagnosed about this I was pretty concerned and anxious. I did way too much consultation with Dr. Google and started to work myself into quite the tizzy. Now, I feel much better since I am at least starting my third trimester, and every day that goes normally is another day of development for Kiwi. All I want is a healthy baby girl, so I'll do whatever it takes to further that goal.

As I was sitting in the waiting room before the ultrasound, Kiwi was so active! I was quite entertained just watching my belly jump as she went through her various kicks and jabs. And once the ultrasound was going on, the tech kept commenting on how wriggly she was. At the beginning of the appointment, her head was on the right side of my belly, and by the end - her head was on the other side! Another bit of good news is that her development is on track and everything checks out ok with her. Oh, I also had the tech re-validate that she is in fact a girl :) It doesn't hurt to confirm that before I start washing all the cute girlie clothes I've received!

In other pregnancy news, I failed my glucose screening test, so now I have to fast tonight and do the 3-hour version first thing tomorrow morning. Will have to find a good book to keep me company, and hopefully those results will be ok.

Finally, I am just thrilled at the good news that Nina received! Drop on by her blog to catch up.

If anyone has experience with placenta previa or the glucose blood tests, I'd love to hear about it.