Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I Must Be Crazy

I must be crazy. I have an adorable little girl who gets cooler by the second. I have an amazing husband who absolutely loves our daughter but doesn't forget to devote time to "us". And I have a pretty darn cool dog to boot.

But alas, I want to keep torturing myself and my body so we can have another baby. Yes! I would LOVE to stick needles in my belly repeatedly until I run out of good spots. Yes! Give me more of that hormonal craziness otherwise known as Clomid! Yes! I love being on emotional roller-coasters - sign me up for a triple-dose!

I must be crazy, because I'm about to start all over again - this time with new donor sperm, cause we ran out of the other stuff and the donor probably graduated from college and has the financial means to not need to donate anymore. God give me strength.