Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We Have a Date

My last ultrasound (at 34 weeks) showed that the placenta moved a little, but not enough to safely proceed with a natural birth. So we have a date set for the c-section, August 17th.

I am totally ok with going this route (I guess I'd better be, since I don't have a choice!), and am actually looking forward to the big day. If all goes well, I will not go into labor prior to this day, and can avoid having to employ the breathing and relaxation techniques I half-heartedly paid attention to in my childbirth classes. If all goes well, I will show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the given day, have a quick and simple c-section, and meet my baby girl who is unbruised and untraumatized by not having to squeeze through any birth canal. And she will look into my eyes, and we'll share a meaningful "hello". And she will breastfeed. And all will be well. And hubby and I will feel happy and complete.

That's what I'm hoping for, but we'll see what actually happens...

My last day of work is tomorrow, then I'll have a couple weeks to prepare for the big day. I've started doing laundry, and should have the bulk of it finished by today. I also started packing the hospital bag, and would still like to go out and get a robe and some other assorted items. We installed the car seat two nights ago, and I just love seeing it in the car, in its waiting state. It's like it's blinking and there's a sign above it that reads, "all we need is the baby". It makes me feel like a Mom to have it in the back of my car, and it's a cool feeling. We still need to assemble some baby stuff, like the pack and play, swing, bouncer, and stroller. We received most of the big things we registered for, which is awesome. It's lovely to see how people react to you when you are pregnant; it just seems to bring out smiles in all.

Once Kiwi shows up, my Mom will be staying with us for a month to help out. This will be a lifesaver, as DH will not be taking off his extended time until the beginning of September, and she'll be cooking/caring for me and helping with baby as I recover from my c-section (hubby will help with baby on the night shift). Plus it'll be a nice safety net to have someone in the house who's had so many kids herself. We're not nearly as anxious as we would've been since we know she'll be there. Moms are grand :)

So that's the general plan! I'll get onto the computer and post pics once I'm feeling up to it, but it probably won't be right away. I hope all my blog friends are doing well; I read up on your blogs often and still feel a special bond with you all even though I have reached the holy grail of infertility. Fingers crossed for all of you who are still on the journey.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random Thoughts to My Baby Girl

I am just under 32 weeks pregnant today, and as I write this, you're busy squirming around in my belly. I wonder if you're head-down yet, and getting ready to get out of your cozy home and into the real world. You still have several more weeks of cookin' to do, so don't try to head out too soon!

Earlier today, you had the hiccups. This was only the second time I noticed them, and for some reason, it brings me endless entertainment and delight to see my belly bouncing every other second. I just imagine you in there, hiccuping away...maybe with eyes open, checking out the scene. It makes me smile and feel a closeness to you that grows every day.

Daddy is getting really excited with the anticipation of meeting you! He talks to you all the time, and sometimes when you're asleep, his voice seems to wake you up. I can't wait to see how he will be with you, and I'm sure my love for him will only deepen as I watch a new aspect of his personality unfold.

We got to see a preview glimpse of you last weekend in a 3d/4d ultrasound. I think you have my nose and lips...and you had the cutest little chubby cheeks! We saw you yawn a couple times, and even saw you open your eyes! And what a sweet, sweet smile you have. We're in love!